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Please read important !!

Our Puppies will not be cropped or docked, because of the German laws.
And we do not like our new Owners to do it either.

The Puppies will be chipped and they have all of the necessary shots.
They are health checked by our Vet several times before they leave our Home.
We do our best to have them socialized and get them used to all kind of things. But still, we cannot give any guarantees concerning the health or disposition of the Puppies in the future.
The Puppies are raised in our Familily with all People living in it and all our other Pets.
They also will be perfectly socialized to the best of our knowledge by the time they go
into the new Homes.

We do not sell our puppies to resellers or to be kept outside in Yard Kennels .

And we want to meet all of our future Puppy buyers as soon as possible before we give
our puppies into the new Homes.